Prop Policy

Prop Policy

ruby cosplay ghost buster prop

  1. No items that may be defined by the state of SC as a weapon or firearm concealed or otherwise.
  2. No items that have been derived from authentic weapons that were peace bound or disabled. This includes but is not limited to disabled airsoft guns, concrete filled-rifles, and prop guns that are capable of firing projectiles, and metal swords or knives (even with dulled blades).
  3. No wooden or metal bats allowed. Any other type is fine.
  4. Props should not be made primarily of metal, this not only includes swords but also chains.
  5. Props may not drag the floor or exceed 7 feet in length.
  6. Bows are allowed. The only condition is that the bowstring cannot be attached tightly enough to fire a projectile.  Do not pretend to shoot your bow and arrow in the building.  If you wish to do so, you are allowed to do so for a photoshoot outside.  Do not aim it at random attendees; you will be asked to leave.  Arrows for the bow are to have tips made of foam or rubber.
  7. Signs are allowed, but you may be asked to remove them depending on the content of the message.

All props may be subject to inspection at any time and will be (non destructively) tagged to signify that they have been inspected. 

Should a prop pass initial inspection but prove to be a safety hazard due to mishandling or safety concerns AgamaCon will ask that it be taken offsite.

cosplay group

There is a myriad of possibilities when it comes to different props used for cosplay. If you are unsure about a particular prop or weapon that you intend to bring please reachout to us via social media or via email at any time before or during the convention.