Cosplay Guidelines


cosplay group

  1. Shoes are required at all times.
  2. The minimum coverage for all costumes is a 2 piece bathing suit. (Thongs style is not ok). Please keep in mind that our convention is all ages and dress accordingly.
  3. Stilts are allowed at your own risk. Agamacon can not be held responsible for any accidents that occur while wearing them.
  4. Roller blades, skates and wheels are not allowed to be worn in the venue. They may be worn outside.
  5. If wearing body paint of any sort, please be mindful and seal! If any damage is caused due to your unsealed paint, you will be held responsible.
  6. Masks are allowed in the convention venue. Please remove when off convention grounds.
  7. If your outfit has any trailing components (train, long hair, chains, etc) please pick them up and carry when walking.
  8. No chains attaching 2 or more people may be worn.
  9. No metal is allowed. If you have any questions, please contact us at
  10. Signs are allowed, but can be asked to be removed depending on the content of the message it contains.