AMV Contest

AMV Contest


  • This is a all-ages event, anything over PG-13 will not be played at AgamaCon, however it is still eligible for rewards.
  • Each person may submit up to three videos, please include the amv title, editor’s name, and category of which you wish to place it into.
    • Ex) AMV Title- Editor name- Category
  • No title screens at the beginning.
  • No logos or watermarks.


  • Scifi-Mecha
  • Horror
  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Upbeat
  • Drama
  • Romance
  • Trailer
  • Artistic Endeavor
  • Etcetera*

*This particular category is subject to change and may receive certificates. All submitted videos are eligible for the Etcetera category.


Contest closed

2019 Contest results announced at show, online afterwards


2018 Winners

Best in Show
Down The Road by DopperDo
Best Action
Halhari by Mr. Shmucker
Best Artistic Endeavor
False Shepherd by Pie and Beer
Best Comedy
Dunces & Dragons by King Redeem and MyCatHatesYouAMV
Best Drama
Desperado by DopplerDo
Best Horror
Interfecti by Oscar
Best Romance
D’awwwwagon by Drewaconclusion
Best Sci-fi/Mecha
Fighting by Slokan AMV
Best Story Telling
(video name needed) by Mikayl H
Best Trailer
Beauty and the Beast by DestiniesAMV
Best Upbeat
Make it up by Kyci
Honorable Mention
From Rags to Riches by Dexter
Honorable Mention
(video name needed) by CamiChan19
Honorable Mention: Best Feels
Future Dream by Janika
Honorable Mention: Best Parody
Yuri on Ice Honest Trailer by Maboroshi
Honorable Mention: How to Make a Hype
Chunchunmaru Hype by Hiroto Sumi
Honorable Mention: Should have been a commercial for the game (Persona 5)
Phantom Feeling by Mr. Shmucker

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2017 Winners