About Agamacon 2017

Agamacon’s 2nd year was even bigger and more exciting that the 1st! One of the most popular attractions for year 2 were the dinosaurs. Dakota and Friends came with a huge display of animatronic dinos, ride on dinos, hatching dinos, dino puppets, and more. They were enjoyed by young and old alike, and brought a smile to the face of anyone who had the opportunity to meet them or watch their performances. A great mix of pop culture, sci-fi, and the bizarre were reflected in the costumes and props exhibited by the con-goers and cosplayers. Vendors and artists filled the gyms with their wares, with something for everyone. Card games, tabletop games, and video games were focal points for those who wanted a more interactive experience, while rooms which showcased anime series and an AMV contest were enjoyed by others who preferred a break from the crowds. The food vendors were also a big hit, with food trucks taking center stage, representing delicious local selections. The staff did an amazing job as they had done the year before, making sure that everyone had a great time and providing guidance when needed to guests and con-goers alike. The guests this year were a great mix of local talent and national celebrities. Their panels were well received and face-to-face interactions at their tables were a welcomed treat. The amazing mix of groups and individuals who made up the panelists and set up info tables also put their uniquely positive mark on the weekend. Overall, the convention was highly successful and enjoyed by all. A one-of-a-kind attraction here in the CSRA and an event that will only continue to grow for years to come.