Cosplay Contest

Cosplay Craftsmanship Contest Rules

  1. All rules that apply to the convention apply to the contest
  2. Cosplay can be from any form of media, from any country.
  3. All entries require a reference picture for the judges to accurately judge the outfit. Image must be printed out and presented at time of registration. If a judge must use other sources to look up your outfit, it will take away from your judging time. Original designs are allowed, but must also adhere to the reference picture rule.
  4. Costumes that have won awards previously at other shows can not be entered to win at AgamaCon. They can however be entered as Exhibition.
  5. You are not required to wear your craftsmanship piece during the awarding of prizes, but it is encouraged.
  6. If you are affiliated with AgamaCon, you may not enter the Craftsmanship contest. You may walk in as exhibition.

    Craftsmanship Cosplay Categories

  • Youth – Any entrant that is less than 12 years old.
  • Beginner – You have never won a major award in any contest before.
  • Intermediate – Less than 3 awards won at any contest.
  • Advanced – More than 3 major awards. If you take money for commissions, you will automatically be bumped into this category.

If your group has a mix of different categories, the contestant with the highest level will be chosen for the group’s competition placement.

Please speak to a judge if concerned or confused with your placement. Also, you may request to be placed into a higher bracket. If your entry warrants it, the judges can choose to bump up your level at their discretion.


Cosplay Exhibition Contest Rules

  1. All rules that apply to the convention apply to the exhibition showcase.
  2. Cosplays can be from any form of media (movies, books, anime, comics etc) from any country of origin.
  3. You do NOT require a reference picture. You will not be judged, but do need to show up to the convention in the cosplay you registered in to walk.
  4. If you are affiliated with AgamaCon in any way, you are allowed to enter as exhibition.


We are accepting 50 Cosplay craftsmanship and an unlimited amount of Exhibition. You will be given a 3 minute session for judging. Do not be late, as it could result in your termination from the competition and instead move you to exhibition. Assigned times for judging will be on Saturday, from 10 am to 2:00 pm, with the contest at 3:00pm.