AMV Contest

2nd Annual AgamaCon AMV Contest


  1. This is a all-ages event, anything over PG-13 will not be played at AgamaCon, however it is still eligible for rewards.
  2. Each person may submit up to three videos, please include the amv title, editor’s name, and category of which you wish to place it into.
    1. Ex) SlimeBallCheesecake-Skyhigh-Comedy
    2. Ex) AMV Title- Editor name- Category
  3. No title screens at the beginning.
  4. No logos or watermarks.


  1. Scifi-Mecha
  2. Horror
  3. Action
  4. Comedy
  5. Upbeat
  6. Drama
  7. Romance
  8. Trailer
  9. Artistic Endeavor
  10. Ecetera
    1. Examples of Etcetera category from the previous year includes “The Feels”, “Not the Worst thing Ever”, “Reason We Should Have Had an Upbeat Category”, and so on. This particular category is subject to change and will receive certificates. All submitted videos are eligible for the Etcetera category.


Please send all videos with a DropBox link including Title, Editor name, and Category to the email provided below.

Recommended file type MP4.
Deadline is February 17th.