Artist Policies

Artist’s Alley Participant Rules and & Policies

1) Displays and Merchandise are confined to the area allotted. Significantly disregarding the allotted space, shifting the space, or moving the tables/space of other vendors (occupied or not) is strictly prohibited.

2) Adult (18+) material must be discretely displayed. Graphic images and titles must not be visible to anyone. ID must be checked for adult purchases.

3) Audio displays must be kept at a reasonable volume. Since this is an all-ages convention we ask that you refrain from playing music that contains profanity.

4) We reserve the right to prohibit the display of any merchandise that we deem inappropriate.

5) All artists are responsible for collecting and paying any taxes for selling at this convention.

6) All artists are responsible for their merchandise and display. Agamacon will not be held liable for any damage or theft. It is recommended that you have insurance for your business, but is not required.

7) All artists must have a signed contract on file.

8) Please do not tape or damage walls or floors of the event space.

9) Original and fan art is both allowed, with no limit on how much of your product is either.

10) Harassment or intimidation of other artists is prohibited. Please try to get along with other artists, or you could be removed from the premises. You will be permitted to pack your merchandise at the conclusion of the artist alley hours on that day.

11) Food sales are not permitted.

12) First wave of applications is for returning artists, then open to new applications.